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Ryebridge support sustainable food project in Cambodia.

Ryebridge are supporting a sustainable food project in Cambodia. ABCs and Rice offers free food programmes and free education in an English and Khmer school for the underprivileged children of Poom Sala and Kroligne Villages, 3km from the town centre of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

There are currently 153 students at the school aged from 4 to 17 and the curriculum includes Khmer reading, writing, cultural and morals programmes, English studies, music, art/craft and sport and are focused on retaining attention spans and providing effective, productive learning.

ABCs and Rice is currently developing Full Belly Farm, which houses chicken and fish farms and also grows vegetables and bananas. This food provides highly nutritional provisions for the Breakfast Club and monthly food drops to families. Any additional food is bartered or sold with proceeds going back into the organisation.

In addition to the Education Program and sustainable Food Programme, ABC’s and Rice also offers personal support and development to the children and their families including medical and dental care.

Ryebridge Ltd has supported the establishment and development of Full Belly Farm as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

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