Signature Stage 2: £4M Hanger Demolition

Stage 2's Hanger demotion was to create new stands.

In 2014 Ryebridge Construction was appointed directly by Signature Flight Support to undertake a key phase of their London Luton Airport expansion plan.

This involved the demolition of Hanger 62, a complex project given the proximity of nearby stands (just 20m away), the fact the hanger was built over a live substation and existence of ballistic steel and bomb proof concrete. Adding to the challenge was the weather. The tail end of a hurricane took hold as the team were carefully removing roof sheets.

Once the building was removed the slab was broken up and recycled back into a useable product. Drainage was then laid followed by 4,000sqm of pavement quality concrete. This won Ryebridge was removed and the slab taken away and recycled – an initiative which won Ryebridge its second Green Apple Award for environmental excellence – drainage was then laid. The substation was then relocated and a blast proof acoustic fence erected.

This project was delivered on time and to the original budget – something the team at Signature Flight Support thought remarkable.