Ryebridge donates to Luton Foodbank

A donation from Ryebridge has helped feed more vulnerable families this winter.

Daniel Coyle, director of Ryebridge Construction, was inspired to donate to Luton Foodbank after he learned about the charity’s goal to eradicate food poverty.

The donation has gone towards providing free food parcels and nutritionally-balanced meals to people struggling through times of crisis.

Daniel, who drives a strong message through his Luton-based company to give back to the local community, said: “Reading about Luton Foodbank’s important work was very moving. For people to be living on the poverty line, financially struggling to the point that they cannot afford to buy food for themselves or their families is heart-breaking. It is our duty to help more vulnerable members of our community.”

Salma Khan, project coordinator at the foodbank said: “We are constantly amazed by the kindness and generosity of people towards the Luton Foodbank project, and greatly appreciate the various types of support that businesses give us.

“The donation from Ryebridge has helped take us one step closer towards fulfilling our aim – that no one in Luton should go hungry. We are seeing a rise in the number of parcels being given out so hunger is a real issue in our town and this money means a lot.”

Level Trust, Age Concern and Keech Hospice Care are among the other charitable organisations supported by Ryebridge Construction.

Autumn 2019 marks the 10 year anniversary for Ryebridge – a growing company that has established itself as experts in working within ‘live’ airport environments.