£4M Kier Berryfields

Project Principals and Objectives

The project was to construct the externals to a new Energy From Waste Facility (EfW). These works included concrete service roads, asphalt access roads and pedestrian paved areas using Marshalls various size slabs, conservation kerbs and resin gravel areas – in total approximately 2,000m2. The paved areas included street furniture as well as landscaped areas including tree planter and root systems.

Innovation and Best Practice

The detailed planning and communication strategy ensured works were carried out as planned and minimised any disruptions throughout the works. The application of best practice principles ensured finishing was complete first time. This facilitated the successful handover of the required areas as soon as they were complete could be handed over for full completeness and final operational use. Moving Forward

The success in this project reinforces our commitment to early engagement and a close partnership with our clients. Our clients can be certain that we have their objectives at the centre of what we do. We operate exclusively with a small pool of subcontractors so we can be certain of quality, safety and delivery.

Solution Focused Approach

The project was within a live site with key interfaces with various main contractors constructing the facility. The external works required key planning and coordination to ensure all trades were not delayed by the external works with access being required at all times. Detailed phase planning was essential.

Weekly progress and coordination meetings were carried out providing details of exactly where and when the weeks work was to be carried out. All works phased as such to mitigate any down time by other trades and the operating facility of the new site.

Another key requirement and specification was that the external works had to be carried out with immediate zero defects. A dedicated finishing squad and manager was utilised to ensure this was carried out.

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