£600,000 Redhill Aerodrome

Ryebridge was appointed by Surrey’s Redhill Aerodrome to realign its existing runway, which forms part of the perimeter taxiway, and to remove the curve within it. The runway was closed for the duration of the works, with the remainder of the airfield open and maintained for light aircraft traffic including helicopters.

The close proximity of an area of environmental significance provided unique challenges to Ryebridge, who put in additional measures to prevent water contamination.

An envirobund was constructed to protect flora and fauna and to help with the water run-off, along with temporary diversion ditches designed to prevent run-off entering the water course until the final drainage was installed.

Works involved:

• Partial full depth breakout of existing runway, returning it to soft with compliant gradients to EASA – 1600m2
• Removal and disposal of contaminated asphalt
• Full depth construction of new aircraft pavement to widen and realign runway
• New asphalt surfacing over the newly constructed realigned runway including an asphalt reinforcement grid – 7500m2
• Groove finished asphalt surface
• The reinstatement of surface markings
• Installation of a new drainage system
• Regrading and landscaping